About Us


The CEBU FOOTBALL CLUB (CFC) is the first professional Football Team from Cebu that is duly registered under the Philippine Football League. The Club will proudly represent the entire Cebu province in all professional leagues on a national level and eventually the country in international tournaments.

To ensure that all categories are equally-represented, the CEBU FOOTBALL CLUB will have a men’s and women’s team in the professional category as well as a youth team for the younger age bracket. As part of CFC’s training academy, the Club will provide a training program for public school children and provincial athletes to foster talent at a grassroots level.

The CEBU FOOTBALL CLUB will be the first in the Philippines with its own home court stadium - the Dynamic Herb Sports complex at the South Road Properties in Cebu City. The complex features a league-standard astro-turf playing field as well as complete shower rooms and locker rooms, coaching staff offices and meeting spaces, press box and medical facilities.


With a dedicated home court and extensive training program, the CEBU FOOTBALL CLUB will become the premier football club in the Philippines.

Our goal is to elevate the sport of football in the Philippines, develop Filipinos’ athletic skills and talents, and contribute to creating a bigger and better Philippines Football League.

We believe in developing a first class football team that will provide the tools and development for Cebuano athletes to reach their full potential and bring pride to the Philippines.


The CEBU FOOTBALL CLUB is committed to our philosophy of building successful, professional athletes through holistic development that involves more than physical skills and talent but shaping their character by fostering the right attitudes, values and behavior.

We will become the model team that will fuel the spirit of competition among football clubs from different cities and regions to promote equal representation across the country. By example of our training program and stadium facilities, we hope to inspire and motivate other organizations within the league to create bigger, stronger teams that can compete at a national and international standard.

It is the ultimate dream of the CEBU FOOTBALL CLUB to foster talent from the grassroots level and provide young kids in all age brackets with the opportunity to be professional football players that will one day represent the country. We are steadfast in our responsibility to the community and the sport, to develop and sustain a solid program through hard work and collaborations with different agencies and organizations.